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Welcome to A Borderline Life

I am myself a sufferer of BPD, I have started this website for everyone who experiences BPD, whether you suffer from it yourself or know someone who does.  I have written not only through research but from personal experience.  I try to see both points, of someone with BPD, as well as the people around them.  I have listened and taken on board things people have said to me over the years.  I am not a professional and cannot diagnose any illness.  I will not give in-depth advice but I want to provide some kind of support for people who want an understanding from someone who has BPD.  There are many sections of this site, and I have tried to keep information brief, and easy to digest with little medical terms.There is a forum to provide support and make friends with others in similar situation.  Remember the world is a much better place if we work together.