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Often people with BPD are misunderstood as attention seeking and manipulative.  This is not the case at all.  Every emotion someone with BPD displays is very real.  If they cry, they are hurting and not looking for pity.  If they need constant reassurance then it’s because they are genuinely afraid.

Many non-sufferers think someone with BPD can simply control their emotions.  But in reality it is not that easy, it takes much therapy and support from health professionals as well as friends and family.

Some people think sufferers need tough love.  Actually this is very damaging for someone with BPD as it can be perceived as rejection.

People can think it's better not to get close to someone with BPD.  This is not the case, people with BPD are human, they have the same needs as everyone else.  It can just be more challenging with them but it is certainly worth it because you could end up with a very loving person in your life.

Friends and relatives can sometimes think their loved one is self centred.  This is not true, if anything at times it can be the other way around.  They are just afraid and express that.  They still care about you and don't always realise it they are causing you stress, as at the time of their emotional upset they can't see anything else.