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You are cared for.  You may not know me but I care about you.  I started this site because I care and want to support you.

People who don't stay in your life because of your emotions are not worth crying over.  You may love them but the feeling wasn't mutual.  It is their lose and their failure not yours.  You may have troubles emotionally but I know there is good in you too, they were just too blind to see it.  A special person will come one day, trust me.

True love is the best form.  There is no point wanting someone to do something that isn't in their heart.  Let a person fly, if they come back, then you know they are for real.

Life is worth living because love and success is an amazing feeling.  It is worth going through all the hurt for.

Think of all the things that make you a great person.  They may be small things like the fact you feed your pet and take them to the vet or maybe you make people laugh.  It is best to focus on the small things they build up the bigger picture.

Whatever has happened today you cannot change.  So don't sit and worry about something you are powerless to do anything about.  Tomorrow is a new day.